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Originally published on Monday, 19th February 2007

Say It Like It Is


Dating: like a job interview but with the added benefit that you might get lucky at the end of the night.

Not long ago, I realised I've been dating for 15 years. Gosh, it seems like only yesterday Steve Witty took me to Casablanca at the Ridge Theatre and didn't buy me popcorn.

How different my life would be if Steve and I had worked out? Well, I'd be thinner, I guess. If he was too cheap to buy popcorn, I'd guess I'd have to kiss all those fancy dinners goodbye.

But I'd also be a lot less funny. Friends have admitted to inviting me to parties JUST for my bad dating stories. All girls seem to have a few duds in their past, but I do seem to have a PhD in horrifying dates.

That's the thing about dating, isn't it? You're constantly sizing the other person up. He says he fell out of love with his ex - you think: he can't commit. He doesn't open the door for you - you think, he's selfish in bed. If only dates came with references/resumes before the event, you'd have a better idea what you're getting. Honesty, not such a bad thing.

Which is why we have to hand it to the Los Angeles-based clothing company PJE who thankfully now offer the top-notch finance guys a way to let the ladies know they are king of the coin.

Because, "Fuck me, I'm a hedge fund manager" really does say it all.

PJE Los Angeles
Shirts US
$32 plus shipping

by EC

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